Ashley Krzywicki,

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

I am a board-certified therapist providing online Telehealth therapy services to residents of Connecticut; specializing in individual and relationship therapy. My mission is to help people live happier, more fulfilling lives.

My methods

Humanistic therapy

In humanistic therapy, the main focus is on a person's capacity to make rational choices and develop.

Cognitive therapy

In cognitive therapy, the focus is on what people think rather than what they do.


In psychoanalysis, we focus on changing problematic behaviors by understanding the unconscious meanings and motivations behind them.

Behavior therapy

In behavior therapy, the main focus is on learning's role in developing both normal and abnormal behaviors.


Individual therapy

Individual therapy helps you learn about yourself while exploring behaviors, thoughts, and relational patterns. Sessions offer a space to explore issues from the past to present, or both.

Therapy helps to clarify values and overall direction in life. Sessions can be used as a safe place to de-stress and work through trauma or other complex, unresolved issues.

Since every person is different the focus is tailored to meet the individual needs of the person. The role of the therapist is to act as a non-judgemental, empathetic guide.


Couples and Family Therapy

Relationship therapy doesn't necessarily mean that there's an ongoing crisis taking place. Many couples and families opt for counseling so they can discuss family issues in a non-judgemental place; and in order to strengthen relationships and family systems overall.

In relationship therapy the focus is on creating an environment where everyone has the right to openly communicate and share their feelings in a safe place; and where healthy styles of relating are encouraged.

Have any questions?

If you have any questions about services offered, feel free to contact us.